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One Body, Somebodies




Northern Gallery


Shanee Roe

Shanee Roe

Shanee Roe is an artist based in Tel Aviv and Leipzig. Her main mediums are Drawing, painting and animation. Her works portray interpersonal situations, various modes of intimacy, sexuality, human festivity and wretched chaos. She was born in Manhattan in 1996, and grew up in Israel. In 2014 she graduated the visual art department in Thelma Yellin high school of arts. After completing her two years of compulsory military service as a soldier-teacher with youth at risk, she studied two years (2017-2019) painting at Hakolel in the class of Ran Tenenbaum meanwhile learning classic animation at IAC College. In 2019 she began studying in the painting and printmaking department in Leipzig’s Art Academy, Hochschule fur Graphic und Buchkunst, starting her studies directly from the 5 th semester at the class of Christoph Ruckhaberle.

Past Exhibitions

2020- “Double Mixed” Group Exhibition Kleindienst Gallery, Leipzig

2020- Fleshlight- group exhibition Galerie Die Schone, Vienaa

2020- “One Body, Somebodies - Shanee Roe” Solo exhibition in Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv

2020- “Ein Klumpel oder zwei”, duo exhibition, HGB Leipzig.

2019- “Drifting- Shanee Roe” animation premier at Turku animation film festival, Finland

2019 - “Absurd” group exhibition, The Refrigerator art space, Tel Aviv

2017 - "Not more beautiful than the fruit itself" group exhibition, Gabirol Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2017 - "Flirt NO.3", independent studio exhibition, Tel Aviv

2016 - Gallery opening exhibition, Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016- "Goodbye/Hello Youth", group exhibition , Givatayim Gallery

2016 – "Aquarium" – independent duo exhibition, Tel Aviv

2014 – “Notbook" group exhibition, Beit Ha'ir Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014 – Group fund raising exhibition, Place for Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014 - "The other is me" group exhibition, Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Tel Aviv

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