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A Painting Might be Born Today




Main Gallery

Curator: Gabriella Klein


Noam Wenkert

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Studio time is brief. I draw a scene from a memory, trying to figure out how to fit a body into a rectangle, drawing it at once.
He falls asleep, if I react quickly, a painting might be born today. When I observe him, I can paint his beauty. The watercolors can describe this softness better. He wet his pants while sleeping, I’ll take care of it when the painting is finished.
We paint together with watercolors. He chooses the big brush. He moves it across the paper in a long stroke, and then quickly in all directions, and later trots with it on top of the paper, returning again and again to the blue. I want to learn from him.
I enlarge the format, and have a strong desire to paint bursting shapes with swift movement. I move the brush, drawing a wide arc from side to side. The line succumbs to the edge of the paper and curves downward. A woman hardly fits the frame of the painting again.
I want to begin painting without knowing what will be painted.
For a moment, shapes appear that might be anything.
In the following moment, my nose appears.

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